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Brilliant Kids Savings

Build a more vibrant future.
Laboratory backgroundIris from the Brilliant Kids Club holding a beaker
Get your kids excited about saving by opening a Brilliant Kids Savings Account.
Join Iris, the kid scientist, to discover the financial formula for a more vibrant future.
No monthly
10.38% APY1 on
the first $1,0002
CloudsCloudsIris riding a unicorn.
Brilliant Kids have banking down to a science!
Instilling good savings habits in children is a critical first step in preparing them for later financial success.

With that in mind, here are some steps you can take today to help nurture a love of saving in your child.

Two Banzai Jr characters waving behind a lemonade stand as a kid skateboards by them

Banzai Junior

Banzai Junior provides real-life scenarios that show users how to make wise decisions when faced with financial dilemmas. Designed for kids aged 8 to 12, Banzai Junior uses the storyline of a summer lemonade stand and the goal of a new bike—or hoverboard for the financially daring—to teach concepts like interest and fees, envelope budgeting, and discretionary income. This course also weaves in activities like quizzes and counting currency. Plus, Banzai Jr. is available in both English and Spanish!

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Teaching Children About Money

Whether you’re teaching finances to your kids, your grandkids, or those of a loved one, it’s absolutely essential to teach children how to manage the money they have and invest for the future.

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1APY = Annual Percentage Yield
2Special rate offer applies only to the first $1,000 through the child’s 18th birthday at which point the account will become a regular main share savings account earning main share rates.

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