Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship allows teens and kids (recommended ages 9-15) to practice navigating through online decisions securely. During the course, the user downloads an app called Cybr and works toward reaching a goal while sifting through both veiled and real ways to earn Cybr Points. Along the way, they defend their computer and mobile device against malicious attacks from hackers and humored netizens.

Within the Digital Citizenship Course users are presented with hands-on activities of how to spot real-world scams while also being instructed about proper online etiquette. Digital Citizenship presents the user with step-by-step instructions of how to properly analyze, decipher, and act on key elements of a secure website.

This course touches on important online practices such as: keeping information private, password protection, and developing research skills to aid in uncovering shielded attempts that try and trick you into providing sensitive information. It’s storyline and characters provide a fun and entertaining way for the user to learn about internet safety. The only thing left to do is get started by signing up and selecting the Digital Citizenship Course.

Getting started with the Digital Citizenship Course is easy—just sign up!

Digital Citizenship

Learn how to keep yourself safe online through this role-playing course. You'll navigate through everyday scenarios to hone your skills for detecting scams and making wise choices. Designed specifically for ages 9-15, but useful for anyone looking to shore up their online security.

  1. Protect Your Privacy
  2. Learn to Avoid Scams
  3. Practice Identifying Fake News


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