Understanding Your Rollover Options

Changing jobs is a common experience for most U.S. workers. But, what’s the right thing to do with your retirement savings plan account from a previous employer? What are your options, and how can your decision impact your long-term retirement savings?

Here’s an opportunity for you to get a clear understanding of your different options, and how each one can affect your progress toward your retirement savings goals— at no cost and no obligation:

Understanding Your Rollover Options

6PM EST (5PM CST) on November 7th,2023 at Zoom

Presented by, Joshua Taylor from CUNA Mutual Group.

You’ll get a clear understanding of the different options available to you when you leave an employer and have an employer-based retirement savings plan account balance to consider, including:

·      Four major options for retirement plan balances when changing jobs

·      Pros and cons of each option

·      Howa Rollover works

·      And more

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